This website is temporary until the completion of our move.  I want to say goodbye to all my families and friends of the bay areaWe will be moving to Sonora CaliforniaThe best location for vacationThe new program for PattyKakesKidz is already in the works.  Once we are up and running, I will share all the changes to our program here on our websiteI'll leave this one up for those interested in what we have done, where we have gone and where we are going. 
Much love and respect to you all!
Ardilla Court San Jose ca

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 Interested in Our Fall 2015 Program?

8:30am-1pm Preschool Program Dedicated especially for Your Child

Monday thru Thursday
(4 days a week)
  • Offering Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness   (Where we explore math, science, literature, arts, geography and our worldBe part of one of the our preschool that is also a lab preschool dedicated to developing high level preschool curriculum nationally.  Want to know more?  Go to AILcurriculum.com  We are the owners and developers of this nationally used preschool curriculum.
  • Meals Included (Lunch, Snacks)
  • Exploring our World (Fieldtrips)
  • Science in the Kitchen (cooking classes)
  • Healthy Living (yoga, music and movement)
  • Mother Nature (gardening and connecting with our earth)
  • Socialization (to have a friend is to be a friend)

Accepting ages

30 months to Kindergarten

Location (new location TBA)
Near DownTown Campbell - Willowglen
Pruneyard - eBay

2015 is Here

We continue to enjoy the benefits of fieldtrips and exploring our world. We visit libraries, zoos, local city parks, concerts, musical theaters and museums.  I believe that our home preschool has benefited over the years from seeing what life has to offer outdoors during our many fieldtrips.  This not only creates awareness, but it offers many learning and social opportunities, like language and social behavior in different settings.  For example, shhhhh in the libraries, clap-clap-bravo in the theaters and respect in museums.  This social aspect flows into our family style meals too. (Pass the peas please...)

Fun and Schooling

 We will continue to take many fieldtrips throughout the year, especially during the summer months. We love exploring our world and getting ready for the new school year.  During all fieldtrips, we wear matching "yellow" shirts and practice the buddy system at all times. 

We preschoolers do schooling too just like the big kids do!  Our preschool is a Lab Preschool for AILcurriculum.com This program, aka Adventures In Learning curriculum, designed specifically for ages 2.5-5 years old.  This learning environment gives your child the first steps into preparing for kindergarten and developing a love of learning.  Check out our blogs by hitting the blog button on the top left hand side of this page.  You'll find lots of preschool work, stories, fieldtrips and fun had by all at PattyKakesKidz.  Don't forget to comment or become a follower of our blog too.  We love hearing what our PattyKakesKidz fans have to say.

Past & Recent Fieldtrips

Hidden Villa

Uesugi Farms

(wearing their homemade tshirts)

Felton Roaring Camp Railroads


Hiller Aviation Museum 

Youth Science Institute 

Children's Discovery Museum         

Palo Alto Jr. Museum & Zoo Seymour Marine Center and more...

Inside Play/School Room

Our playroom was designed with your child in mind.  Includes age appropriate toys covering toddler to kindergarten ages. We offer lots of stimulating activities planned for preschool time as well to better prepare your child for the upcoming kindergarten years.

NEW~Our Outdoor Art & Science Classroom

 Outside Back & Side Play Yard

 Our outdoor play area is huge.  A 10x10 sandbox, and 35 foot wide trike path with lots of trikes, large structures for climbing, swings & slides, 2 children's gardens, fruit trees, a playhouse & kitchens for dramatic play.  Everything is set up for mobility, large and fine motor skills, creativity, dramatic exposure, life science learning and plain ol' fun!  Everyone who has seen it says it looks just like a Children's Park.  All this in a private, personalized, home-based preschool setting for your child. 

Please tell me this peaked your interest?  We are scheduling interviews now. Call or email anytime.

Ask for Patty: 408/505-2333


From our kidz to your home.